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Joe Lynn Turner's Second Hand Life - Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 03:09
Joe Lynn Turner's new solo album, Second Hand Life, is available for download on iTunes from FridayMusic. A new deluxe U.S. edition of the CD is also coming on August 28th. This version will contain 3 bonus track, 2 from the import versions, and the other a very rare version of his classic "Freedom's Wings", which will only be available on this release. You can pre-order this version from FridayMusic, or you can buy the album direct from him and order a regular or autographed version (it doesn't mention "Freedom's Wings", though, so it might be a different version)!

I already picked up the import version, and although I haven't had much chance to listen to it yet it definitely sounded like something worth picking up! If you loved his first solo cd, he's finally back to his old style music! I guess the success of Sunstorm made him realize it's what the fans want, which is great news for us! I just might order this deluxe version once it's available from his site.

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