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Singer Mac Leaves Threshold - Monday, July 23, 2007 at 04:56
Threshold's singer, Mac, decided to leave the band suddenly. According to their official site:

"Threshold's singer Mac has astonished his fellow band members by deciding not to perform at this weekend's Metal Camp and Earthshaker festivals in Slovenia and Germany."

Fortunately, the band's previous singer, Damian Wilson, came to the rescue to perform at those festivals.

Now, according to, Mac has explained his decision:

"Sorry it took so long to give this statement. But, I`m also sorry it took me so long to realise I had to get on with the rest of my life and eventually make a decent living. I know the timing was bad and I`m very grateful to Damian for standing in for me. Unfortunately it`s absolutely impossible to live on fresh air alone. Next time you listen to a Threshold album picture my girlfriend having to work overtime to make it possible for me to go on tour, not to mention all the jobs I chose to give up to continue with Threshold. Once again, the timing was bad.... I was up all Friday night (13.07.2007) considering this and decided it was time to support my family 100%. For all the Fans out there take what you have and enjoy it (I know I was devastated when Led Zeppelin came to an end). Thanks for all your support, all the best for Threshold and Threshold Fans for the future, Cheers Mac."

This is sad news for the band, and sad to hear that he was under so much financial strain to be in the band in the first place, since Threshold are a great band! But hopefully they will find a replacement and continue to make great music for years to come!

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