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Queensryche News - Monday, July 23, 2007 at 04:29
Queensryche have been having a very busy year! Hot on the heels of the Mindcrime at the Moore release (the DVD of which made an impressive debut of #1 on the Billboard Top Music DVD Chart), Capitol/EMI have just announced the release of Sign Of The Times: The Best Of Queensryche. This CD will be released in 3 formats: CD, Digitally, and in a 2-disc Collector's Edition package. The standard edition (both CD and Digital) will contain 17 tracks spanning their entire career, including many of the hits you'd expect to see on a collection like this. The CD includes a sixteen-page booklet featuring custom artwork, a discography, and track notes from singer Geoff Tate.

The deluxe digipack Collector's Edition contains a bonus disc of 15 rare and previously unreleased demos, outtakes, remixes, live recordings, television performance audio, recordings for soundtracks and a new, never-before-heard song "Justified," featuring original Queensryche guitarist Chris DeGarmo, which will also be released to radio (the first and only single from this album). It even includes three demo recordings by Myth (Geoff Tate's band prior to Queensryche). The complete tracklist is:

1. Queen Of The Reich (from the EP Queensr˙che)
2. Warning (from the album The Warning)
3. Walk In The Shadows (from the album Rage For Order)
4. Take Hold Of The Flame (from the album The Warning)
5. The Lady Wore Black (from the EP Queensr˙che)
6. I Don't Believe In Love (from the album Operation: Mindcrime)
7. Eyes Of A Stranger (from the album Operation: Mindcrime)
8. Silent Lucidity (from the album Empire)
9. Bridge (from the album Promised Land)
10. Jet City Woman (from the album Empire)
11. Another Rainy Night (Without You) (from the album Empire)
12. Sign Of The Times (from the album Hear In The Now Frontier)
13. I Am I (from the album Promised Land)
14. Real World (from the Last Action Hero soundtrack album)
15. Some People Fly (from the album Hear In The Now Frontier)
16. Until There Was You (bonus track from the reissued Q2K)
17. All The Promises (from the album Operation: Mindcrime II)

(Contains Disc 1 + 2nd Disc of Rarities)
1. Take Hold Of The Flame
Myth (Original Demo Version) (previously unreleased)
2. Walk In The Shadows
Myth (Original Demo Version) (previously unreleased)
3. Before The Storm
Myth (Original Demo Version) (previously unreleased)
4. Waiting For The Kill
(previously unreleased: demo for The Warning)
5. No Sanctuary
(previously unreleased: demo for The Warning)
6. Prophecy
(previously unreleased: demo for The Warning)
7. I Dream In Infrared - (1991 Acoustic Remix)
8. Dirty Lil Secret
(bonus track from the reissued version of the album Empire)
9. Last Time In Paris
(from the soundtrack album The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane)
10. Scarborough Fair
(bonus track from the reissued version of the album Empire)
11. Della Brown
(previously unreleased: "MTV Unplugged," New York, NY 4/27/92)
12. Someone Else? (with Full Band)
13. Silent Lucidity
(live at The Astoria Theatre, London 10/20/94)
14. Chasing Blue Sky
(bonus track from the reissued Hear In The Now Frontier)
15. Justified (NEW TRACK)

Now if that wasn't enough, the band will be appearing on the nationally-syndicated radio show Rockline on August 1st, and will be joining Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice on the "Heaven and Hell Tour" in the U.S. from September 5th through early November.

For more information, visit the Official Queensryche website.

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