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Harem Scarem No More? - Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 15:09
According to, Harem Scarem have announced that they are calling it quits after one more album. The band's singer, Harry Hess, has been quoted as saying:

"Hello everyone - I wanted to personally send out a message to let our fans know that the tour for Human Nature will be Harem Scarem's last. We will make one more studio record and then after 20 years we have decided to move on to other things. We look forward to seeing you in September/October for our final tour." (From their Official Site)

This is definitely sad news, and now I really hope I can somehow manage to make that 10th Anniversary Concert in Indiana, since it will be one of their final shows. European fans can see them at Firefest IV on October 27.

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