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BBC Apologizes to Metallica Fans - Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 02:45
The BBC apologized to Metallica fans today for a lack of television coverage it gave the band at Live Earth. Fans of the band complained to the BBC, claiming the BBC had a prejudice against heavy metal music. This accusation was denied by the BBC who issued an official apology. As if to add insult to injury, the BBC spelled the band's name wrong! The apology read:

"We received complaints from some viewers that the Metalica set was not shown in full.

"This was a global event and we were keen to reflect the other concerts as well as the one in UK.

"We took editorial decisions in advance and on the day, about the times and places we would do that.

"Not all the tracks by every performer could be featured but we did transmit a full trail promoting our interactive coverage where digital viewers wanting to see the performances in full, could press the red button at any time.

"The concerts were very fluid in London and around the world and there was certainly no prejudice about heavy metal music or any other music; just a determination to do the best for the entire audience watching on BBC2 and BBC1 during the day.

"This is inevitably a fine balance and we cannot please everyone all of the time. However, we of course apologize if any particular viewers were disappointed."


If the BBC was trying to prove that they didn't have biases against heavy metal music, they should probably have made sure that they spelled Metallica's name right. An oversight like that could prove the fans accusations right, or at least prove that the people in charge of the apology don't know much about music in general (or have been living in a cave for 30 years), and the BBC could be a victim of their own cluelessness. Or maybe the person who decided this just happened to be a big fan of one of the other bands playing at the same time (and is probably getting flack from the decision already).

Maybe next time they do something like this they should make sure the people in charge understand the music they're broadcasting (and the fans of it) if they want to avoid these types of problems. If they had done that, the BBC could have summed up that apology by explaining that they were worried that Metallica would play music from their St. Anger CD, and they had to save camera power.

Cluelessness or malice? You decide.

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