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Sammy Hagar Announces Tour Dates - Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 02:22
The red rocker Sammy Hagar has just announced the first set of dates for his upcoming tour across America.

The concerts will be opened by former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and his new band Mad Anthony Express. You can expect Michael Anthony to give the crowd some old Van Halen classics and lots of other popular classic rock songs. Then Sammy and Los Tres Gusanos will follow and play mostly Hagar's solo material. At the end of the night Hagar and Anthony team up and form what they like to call "The Other Half" (of Van Halen... get it?) and play some Hagar era Van Halen hits.

The new tour kicks off on September 15th at the US Airways Center in Pheonix Arizona. He will then hit Novato Canada on September 29th. Eight dates have been scheduled so far in October including one in Houston Texas. The tour will continue all the way until July 12, 2008 when a huge "end of the tour" show is scheduled in St. Louis, MO. This particular show is rumored to be somewhat of a big finale.

I don't see any Los Angeles shows yet, but if one gets added chances are good that Iíll be there and will hopefully find the time to review it here!

Each concert should be a pretty solid night of rock and roll, and we all know Sammy Hagar always puts on a high-energy performance. However it's interesting to note that this tour was scheduled at exactly the same time that the Van Halen/David Lee Roth reunion tour hits the road. Coincidence?

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