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Van Halen to tour with David Lee Roth? - Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 04:32
Since Van-Halen's last attempt at a David Lee Roth fronted tour wound up D.O.A, it now appears that the band is back together again and the tour will happen this fall.

Fans of Van-Halen have been waiting, and waiting for David Lee Roth to tour with them once again. The 2004 reunion tour with Sammy Hagar simply wasn't enough for some. Cries for Diamond Dave carried on until they were finally answered earlier this year when the band announced that they had reconciled their differences would be hitting the road with DLR once again.

However, in typical Van-Halen style, the tour was de-railed when guitarist Eddie Van-Halen checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. The fans just shook their heads and sighed; it was no surprise coming from the band who couldn't even get it together long enough to play at their own rock and roll hall of fame induction.

But just a few short months later the band Eddie Van-Halen is out of rehab and the band announced that its David Lee Roth fronted tour is back on schedule for this fall. Dates and cities are expected to be released within a couple of weeks. Let's just hope they don't kill each other first.

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